The Creek – Part 1


Jeremy knew he needed to get home as fast as his legs could carry him. He sprinted along side the dirt road as fast he could, cutting a path through the tall yellow grass. It might have been a good idea when he left to have brought his sandals but it was so nice out he didn’t think he needed them. He knew better than to wear his shoes down by the creek. If anything happened to them, he wouldn’t need them anymore because his father would kill him. At least, Jeremy thought so. But the sandals would have been great. Then his feet wouldn’t hurt so much when they slapped down on the gravel and rocks while he ran. It was at least a good thing that his home wasn’t too far from his favorite fishing spot on the creek, around 300 yards. Jeremy never thought to bring his sandals because he never expected to be out so long. From what he could figure it was probably between 7 or 8 O’clock. He left at 4 and was only supposed to be gone about an hour or so. He sat with his rod and fished to relax himself and enjoy the afternoon. Then he unexpectedly fell asleep. When he woke up and saw the setting sun, he knew the best thing he could do would be to get back home as fast, wait, his pole! He left it at the Creek. Jeremy stopped dead in his tracks. He was about 100 yards from home and just realized that he left his fishing rod. Maybe it wouldn’t matter? No. His father would surely have watched him leave, so he would have known he took the pole. And he knew that Jeremy kept it in his room so he couldn’t tell him that he had put it away already when he got back to the home. Damn. He had to go back for it, unless he wanted to be punished. But if he was any later than he was he would get even more punished. Jeremy thought and debated for what felt like far too long. Finally he decided that it would be better to just get punished for being late than being late and not having a fishing rod.


Jeremy sprinted back towards the creek as fast as his already winded body could carry him. Jeremy wasn’t very large, rather he was a bit skinny. At 5’7” and 140 pounds soaking wet with a brick in each hand, he was clearly not the type one would hear of lifting logs over their head like
Jake Newmyer. Jeremy hated Jake Newmyer. Jake was always a big kid, and although he was only a year older than Jeremy, 15, he was already much bigger. Jake weighed somewhere around 220 pounds. He was already bigger than his old man George Newmyer. Jake has always picked on Jeremy ever since they were little. They were neighbors. That is to say, they were the closest living people to Jeremy and his dad. Their home was about 500 feet from each others. Jake lived with his father George, his sister Anna, and their mother Trooth. Jakes grandmother indeed meant to name Trooth, “Truth”. But she couldn’t spell very well. As a matter of fact, the only one that could spell was Anna. For as much as Jeremy hated Jake, he had to say he liked Anna. She was the same age as Jeremy, and when they were younger they played together. When Jake would bully and belittle Jeremy, Anna would always find him if she had the time, and try to make him feel better. Jeremy figures he was about 4 years old when he started to like Anna. And in truth, he never stopped liking her. But in Jeremy’s mind, what was there not to like? Anna was funny and kind. The nicest person Jeremy had ever met. She was the probably the only person that was actually nice to him when he really thought about it. Well besides Red. Red was Jeremy’s best friend, having grown up with the boy. They were the same age; born a month apart. Red lived about 400 feet from Jeremy, on the opposite side Jake’s family lived on. Red’s nickname came from him bright red hair. Not the most original nickname someone looking like him could get, but he was indeed fond of it. Actually, apart from the hair, one would think that they were brothers with how much they looked alike. But no matter how close Jeremy and Red were, Red just couldn’t hold a candle to Anna. Jeremy thought about her often. Her beautiful blue eyes. Her perfect skin. The way she laughed and was so easy to be around. And most of all, her beautiful golden blonde hair which was more often then not tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon. As far as Jeremy was concerned, the girl he grew up with was an angel. And often when he was alone, he dreamed that one day he could tell her how special she really was to hi… WHAM!


Jeremy was knocked on his back, his vision blanking for a moment. His head was spinning and he felt a sharp pain from his nose. He opened his eyes. Through his blurry vision he could see what appeared to be the gravel road. And the bright red smudge that dripped from him getting bigger. He touched his hand to the underside of his nose where the pain was coming from. Immediately an intensely sharp pain shot through his face and into the back of his jaw. He made a groaning shriek as his watery eyes winced. The part of his knuckle that connected to his forefinger on his hand was covered in blood, just from the momentary tap he had placed on his nose. Jeremy rubbed the tears from his eye with his other hand and rolled to his side to see what had happened. “Man you was always a little bitch ain’t ya?” it was Jake. Newmyer stood there with a grin looking down at Jeremy. There was some blood on the knuckles of his left hand. Jake had punched Jeremy in the nose, and from how it felt, Jeremy thought his nose was broken. Jeremy was off in his head daydreaming on his way back to the creek and to his fishing spot that he wasn’t paying attention. Jake must have been on his way home from checking his coyote traps by the thicket on top of the hill adjacent to the creek. Clearly he had taken the opportunity to wail on Jeremy, like he didn’t do it enough already. “C’mon, on yer feet!” Jake grabbed Jeremy by the shirt and pulled him up. “So what’s a little bitch like you doin’ out this late huh? You know that daddy of yours is gonna beat your scrawny ass if he see’s you goin’ back to that shack you call a home. Nuttin’ more than a glorified ‘shithouse’ if ya ask me.” Jeremy’s eyes continued to water and he closed his left one. He was breathing through his teeth. The sharp pain in his face was still strong, and it hurt when he breathed through his nose. “So? You gonna talk, or am I gonna have ta’ pop you again?” The thought of getting hit in the nose again didn’t sit too well. He might as well talk to Jake and get things over as fast as possible. “I was on on by way hobe, forgot by fishin’ rod…” The words fumbled out of his mouth, he knew how funny he sounded. And he also knew that was worth another crack from Jake. “Ha! I guess I hit you so hard you turned into a retard huh? Haha! You ain’t nuthin but a loser Reynolds!” Jeremy hated his last name. It made him think of his father. And to be honest, Jeremy hated and feared his father a hell of a lot more than Jake Newmeyer. “So you forgot your rod huh? Well it must be this fancy one over here” Jake threw Jeremy to the floor and walked down the slope on the side of the dirt road towards the creek. Between a large protruding round rock and a maple tree was Jeremy’s fishing rod and straw hat. Jeremy didn’t even remember he brought that hat. The fishing rod however was something that in all reality he was surprised he forgot at all. It was a gift from Red. A hand carved pole with Jeremy’s initials etched into it. It was Jeremy’s favorite gift, and the last one he could remember getting ever since his mom died. Jake snatched up the rod and Jeremy’s hat. “Ya know, I always hated this rod Reynolds. I always thought it was way too good fer ya too. I think it’s about time I did somethin’ about that.” CRACK! Jake swung the rod as hard as he could, and landed square on Jeremy’s jaw. His whole head seemed to quack in pain and he let out a high pitched yelp. He kicked his feet along the ground as he rolled into a ball on the cold gravel. The rod had snapped in two from the force of Jake’s strike. “Would ya look at that? This piece of shit is a piece of shit after all. See Reynolds, you should be thankin’ me. I saved ya the trouble of keepin’ this garbage.” Jeremy couldn’t open his eyes. His whole head rang out in pain. Like someone had placed his head inside of a giant bell and beat it with a baseball bat. “Well, Imma go back to my place. I gotta big coyote I’m tryna’ bag, an I gotta be up bright an early tomorrow to set more traps. “ Jake crushed Jeremy’s hat and threw it to the ground by Jeremy’s feet. “See ya later Reynolds” Jake sneered. “Oh, and say hello to your father for me if you get the chance. That is, if he doesn’t ten yer hide too much, Hahaha!” Jake walked off down the gravel and dirt road toward his and Jeremy’s home. For all the pain he was feeling, both physical and emotional, Jeremy was glad that Jake was gone and that he could finally go home. On second thought, that wasn’t a good thing after all. Another thing that he can’t believe he forgot, his Father.



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