Bad Movie Studios: Impressions from the Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Beta


Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Beta Experience

By Bad Movie Studios

If you read the title of this then you’ve probably figured out that I played the multiplayer beta for Battlefield 4. So I just thought I’d write down my thoughts. Well, I can say that it was good. And that’s about it. The game was fun, it functioned well. For the most part its a solid First Person Shooter experience. There’s nothing really new here, so if you’ve played a lot of Call of Duty or Battlefield before you’re in for more of the same pretty much. I will however say that although there’s not much that made me think “Oh that’s original”, there really wasn’t anything that made me think “Oh my god, this game sucks”. Basically, the Beta allows you to play on one map in a domination type game. Basically just a battle to hold positions. I will say that the game looks good, even if it’s lower res for the Xbox 360. The controls were familiar and more or less standard fair for a modern FPS. And that pretty much goes for my opinion on the gameplay. It’s good, but nothing that really stood out. I wouldn’t say I had as much fun with it as I did with Call of Duty 4, but then again I think that’s pretty much the best FPS game ever, so if ANYTHING tops it in my mind that’ll be a feat.

I can say for the most part that I didn’t experience many glitches, only maybe one or two and they weren’t that major. I will say that the biggest problem I had was from spawning. There were quite a few occasions that spawned me right in the middle of a firefight and I was subsequently turned into Swiss cheese. I would guess this happened maybe, 25 to thirty times and accounted for most of my deaths. I should also mention that I only played 3 games. Usually this probably wouldn’t be long enough to give a base opinion but each match lasted for about 10 minutes a piece and that was actually nice. Not too short, not too long. Apart from the issue of spawning locations, the only other thing that gave me a bit of a hard time was the sheer amount of things happening on screen. The large amount of particle effects, lighting changes, explosions and rapid movement made it kind of hard to focus my vision. This made things difficult to see and although I adjusted to it eventually, I still feel it should be addressed.

Really I would say the my experience was positive, with just a few minor grievances. Nothing game breaking mind you, and I can easily say that from what I played, you will definitely enjoy this game if you’re into First Person Shooters. It was fun and didn’t at all feel like a slaughterhouse with a few good players absolutely dominating the rest of the one’s on the map. There are a few things that were nice little touches, like the pros and cons of different guns being more than just range, rate of fire and magazine size. There’s also the object of visibility to take into account. For example, and assault rifle is pretty much the median, taking up a comfortable amount of the screen. But if you switch to a light machine gun, the weapon takes up much more room and you lose some peripheral vision. Somewhere in this mechanic there’s a complaint, but personally id didn’t bother me that much. I rather enjoyed the idea of deepening combat through proper weapon choice. I can’t really say there’s much more that’s been added to the combat, but then again I didn’t really play it enough to judge everything. I say check it out if you have access to Xbox Live (and let’s be honest here, who from the ages of 8 to 25 in this country doesn’t ?) or if it’s on PSN.


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