Love isn’t some retort to a previous action. Love isn’t some obligatory reaction of kindness, it isn’t some social necessity. Love is a choice. Love, true love, is not forced. It is not blind, and it is not fabricated. You can’t hold it. you can’t hear it. You can’t even see it, contrary to popular belief. You feel it. And you feel it because it’s right. You feel it because it’s there and you CHOOSE to accept it. You let it into your life because it makes you better, it makes you whole. you acknowledge its existence with feverish inhibitions because someone or something has made you feel both superhuman and weak at the same time. You don’t love just because you were given some physical object. You don’t love just because someone can pay the bills. You don’t love just because you have a child. You can’t find it on a hallmark card, in a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. You love because you don’t have to. You love because it’s not the norm. You love because it makes you stick your neck out and risk your own emotional well being, and because no part of it makes sense. Because you took a risk. A risk for a reason only you and one other person on the planet will understand. That’s love. It’s when what you can’t explain, what you can’t rationalize, what isn’t for your benefit all look you in the face at the same time and you accept it, for once choosing that you don’t need to validate it. That you don’t need a reason. That it’s just right. That’s love. True, unevaluated, unmitigated, unnecessary, nonsensical, real love.

I’m gonna be that guy for a minute, and quote myself here. This isn’t something that I just cobbled together from my favorite movie speeches because I want all of you to think I’m deep. Quite frankly I don’t give a fuck about the lot of you. I wrote this because it’s true. Because it’s how I feel. I don’t think love can be written in a book, or labeled. True love also can’t be shamed, it isn’t an abomination. No matter what the Westboro Baptist Church may try to say. Love is something we are all entitled to experience as human beings. As creatures of a greater society. It’s the reason why we get our heads out of our asses and actually find the time to do things for other people.

Love isn’t some…

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