Bad Movie Studios Video Game Review: Ghoul’s n’ Ghosts (1988)


Ghoul’s and Ghosts (1988)

Developed by Capcom Platforms: Arcade, Commodore 64, Sega Saturn, Playstation, Playstation 2, Sega Master System, Mega Drive/Genesis, Virtual Console & Others

A Bad Movie Studios Video Game Reviews

You may have heard of the 1985 side-scroller for the NES called Ghost’s and Goblins. You also may have heard of how brutal that game is in terms of difficulty. Well this game is the sequel to that one. Again, like when I reviewed Super Mario Bros. 3, I’m not playing this on the console that it was originally released onto (The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive), but instead on the Wii’s Virtual Console. So let me get right into the game review itself. The short version, THIS GAME IS A MAD ANGRY DEVIL OF EVIL INTENT! Alright, no let me explain that.

Graphics: Well, this game actually looks pretty good. The graphics are only in 480p, you know, because the Wii wasn’t in HD for some god awful reason I’m sure. But I’m not a graphics junky and either way this game looks good. It’s colorful and the sprites are well animated. It’s visually pleasing…then it gouges out your eyes and urinates into your skull with it’s viciousness. Gut before that happens it looks really pretty. Like a tiger. A vicious, angry, elegant, beautiful tiger. (8)

Gameplay: If you haven’t figured out by now, THIS GAME IS HARD. Like real hard. Like I can’t even beat the first level hard. That’s how hard it is. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I had so much difficulty playing the first level of a game. The enemy placement is challenging but not obscene. The controls are smooth (on a wiimote at least) and the the game feels well. The jump is a little leapy, and some of the weapons absolutely suck, but overall it actually “drives” well so to speak. But Jesus man this game kicked my ass. It’s a good, solid, hack and slash side-scrolling platformer. But I’ve died like 50 times! ON THE FIRST DAMN LEVEL! You don’t even have one hit deaths either, in fact you get 3 hits until your demise, the third one being the one that kills you. And you get 3 lives before you reach a game over. So that means, on the first level, you have 9 hits available to you before you get game over. I played the stage 50 times. 9 x 50 = 450. 450 hits. 450 times that some goddamn monster, or a tornado, or giant pink bird, or fire flower or some other damn thing had hit me on the (one more time just for fun) FIRST LEVEL. But it’s still fun, and I might have died 50 times, but the fact that I actually decided to keep playing after 50 deaths says something to me. This game’s addictive, no doubt about it. (8)

Sound Design: I really can’t comment on the music in this game. There really wasn’t anything that I remembered from it, but I don’t recall it being bad. The sound effects though were cool. Again, not miraculous or anything, but some solid stuff that was comforting to hear during the action. (6.5)

Story: Extremely basic standard fare. Hero must save girlfriend from evil. That’s pretty much it. So much for originality in game design. (5)

Overall Score – 6.8 out of 10

Final Thoughts: This isn’t really a BAD game I suppose, but it’s simply aggravating. Yet even with all hat aggravation I still think that if you can get your hands on it you should play it. I didn’t pay anything for it over the Virtual Console, but if you want the cartridge you’re looking to pay around $20, and in my opinion it’s just not worth that much. So I guess give it a try if you can find it for cheap or get it for free like me.


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    This brings back some memories!

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