Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster (1964) – Bad Movie Studios Review

Ghidrah, the Three HEaded Monster (1964) – Bad Movie Studios Review

With the Godzilla (2014) official trailer out today, what better time is there to put out another Godzilla video? So here’s my review of Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster. I put the link to the trailer in the description if you haven’t seen it yet. and if you haven’t, what in the unholy mother of fuck is wrong with you?  CHECK IT OUT! Of course, link to the Facebook page is there as well, a Like, favorite or Subscription will help me out a bunch, and as always, thanks for watching ( I hope V-Sauce doesn’t sue me for that one)


Godzilla (2014) Official Trailer

Godzilla (2014) Official Trailer

Since the official Godzilla trailer launched today, I figured I’d do my best to share it. And let me tell you, OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED I THINK I JUST PEED MY PANTS OUT OF SHEER JOY I REALLY WANNA SEE THIS MOVIE SO BAD LIKE YOU DONT GET IT OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Okay….okay…I’m good. Anyway, I placed a link to the trailer over on the Bad Movie Studios Facebook page, so if you’d like to check it out, please be my guest and click the link I’ve given and go check out the trailer.

Daken’s actual final stand

Arousing Grammar

Disclaimer before I start.  I usually avoid large amounts of pages in succession from the issues I choose mainly because I don’t understand copyright and fair use laws.  But today, I’m picking about fifteen pages or so that are basically two groups of seven or eight in a row.  If Marvel or Rick Remender or anyone associated aren’t okay with this, I’ll take it down.  But truthfully, this story needs to be shared.  It’s so good, so beautiful, and so important for the characterization of Daken and Wolverine. And now, you the reader, will promise to go and buy tons of Remender’s Marvel comics.  Maybe all of his Uncanny X-Force run? always has discounts, y’know.

If you read the last article, Daken barely escaped the explosion he set off in Times Square.  Even though he was badly wounded and only weeks to live, he got better.  I don’t know…

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YouTube and I are, “friends”? …for now.

YouTube and I are, “friends”? …for now.

So, my iffy relationship with YouTube about videos seems to be doing alright at the moment. I uploaded this video just the other day here on the Facebook page, but I’m linking the YouTube upload in the hopes that you’ll check it out. So please do so. A Like or a Subscription will go a long way for me.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) – A Bad Movie Studios Video Game Review

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) – A Bad Movie Studios Video Game Review

Sorry if the quality of this one is iffy, but here it is. My review of Smash Bros. I invested into a microphone around Christmas time and I’ve enjoyed having it, but I think I might need to invest in to a better one at some point because I’m not entirely fond of how I sound. And note to self, reading a per-written text when you;ve just woken up is foolish. Don;t do it again. Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

Bad Movie Studios News, Update? I can’t tell which! – Bioshock taken by the rapture, ‘The Doctor’ is apparently not not out, yet, and ‘The Guardians’ are being fed to you so you better enjoy it

Bad Movie Studios News, Update? I can’t tell which! – Bioshock taken by the rapture, ‘The Doctor’ is apparently not not out, yet, and ‘The Guardians’ are being fed to you so you better enjoy it

So I’m trying something new this time around and made an update that was predominately news. There was a few things that I wanted to talk about in the world of movies, TV and games and decided that I’d try a new system of talking about them. Anyway, this time around I talk about the release of my Super Smash Bros. Melee review and talk about the closing of Bioshock: Infinite developer Irrational Games, as well as some information that will intrigue Doctor Who fans and the release of Marvel’s teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. So click the link and check it out.

Bad Movie Studios Update – A ‘Smashing’ New video Coming Soon.

Bad Movie Studios Update – A ‘Smashing’ New video Coming Soon.

I did an update the other day, and in it I mentioned that there were some videos coming out. So here’s another one with some full disclosure on the next videos I’ll be releasing. And I promise, there is a mighty awful pun to be had with the title of this update 😉