Bad Movie Studios: “Seriously guys, I like turtles” Gamera 2: Attack of Legion (1996)

Part 2 for my three part Hesei Gamera series. Because turtles are fucking awesome. Anyway, here’s the Facebook ( ) and YouTube Link ( ). And just for shit’s and giggles here’s the link for Part 1, that way you don’t miss any back story 8D


Bad Movie Studios: “I like Turtles”. Gamera Guardian of the Universe (1995)

The first part in a three entry series, I will be reviewing the Gamera films from the 1990’s. It’s cool for me since this is the first time I’ve ever watched these movies and I’m looking forward to it. To be fair, I made this video weeks ago and just haven’t put it out. In fact, Part 2 has already been recorded and just needs to be edited. I still however have to watch the 3rd movie, so while I do that, you go ahead and watch this video. Here’s the Facebook Page –
And here’s the YouTube Link –

Bad Movie Studios: “I like smashing things while on my toilet!” (Godzilla Domination for the GBA review)

Okay so FINALLY I made this video. It only took like, donkey’s ears worth of time to do it. But you know, all good right? Well anyway, enjoy. The editing in this one is a bit off but I’m happy with it none-the-less. I captured the footage for it off an emulator so I can’t say this is from the real thing. However I did own this game in the past and played it all the time. So as always, here’s the link for the Facebook Page – Where you can watch all of my stuff without fear of it getting Copyright Blocked *cough, YouTube, cough*. And here’s the YouTube link –

I think the next few will be a trilogy about a certain flying turtle…

Bad Movie Studios Review: Godzilla (2014)

Bad Movie Studios Review: Godzilla (2014)

I don’t really have much to say other than check out the video. On YouTube here –
and/or Facebook –
if you prefer 100% chance of actually being able to see it. I couldn’t wait to make a video talking about it.

Bad Movie Studios Review: 500 Days of “Oh my god I’ve been there before”

I’m still playing catch up and wanted to get this video out. This is actually rather new as it was only written the other day. I don’t want to crowd the week with uploads so I’ll probably stop at this one for now. Godzilla (2014) is coming out on friday and I’m super excited. I’ve been waiting 8 years and there’s no way I’m not going to make a review for it. So that you can expect either Sunday or Monday (by the way, my week goes from Sunday to Saturday due to my work schedule). Next week I’ll try to get another video game review out as well, I have a few almost ready to go so it should probably happen. Perhaps Godzilla: Domination like I promised eons ago. Well, anyway, enjoy the video. You can watch is on YouTube here –
And as always, check out the Facebook page here –

Bad Movie Studios: The Amazing…ly mediocre Spider-Man 2.

Bad Movie Studios: The mediocre Spider-Man 2.

As you can guess, I just posted a review for Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014. Check it out here

I had to buy a new laptop so I haven’t been posting lately, but that’s gonna change. I have a lot of stuff that’s recorded and almost ready to go so consider the next few episodes out from layaway (do they still even do that?). Anyway, there’s gonna be a lot of stuff coming out soon so stick around.