BMS Plays Bulletstorm – Ep.5 “Chronic Dying Syndrome”

So, I’ve gotten another bout of busyness hitting me lately, but I’llo try to get 2 videos out before I leave for a camping trip. So you’ll get more Bulletstorm and the final part of my Gamera reviews. It’s taken way too long to get out but it’s finally gonna see the light of day. So have fun with that tomorrow.*

*Should that be plausible.


BMS Plays Bulletstorm – Ep.4 “Impending Cloud of Doom”

King Kong, ain’t got shit on what’s following us right now. A rather short installment in the “Captain Wolverine, Space Man” saga, but enjoyable none the less. Facebook Page –

Bad Movie Studios: Look, I’m doing Let’s Plays! …like every other person on the internet.

I got a new capture card and was desperate to get it working. I’ll be going through Bulletstorm in it’s entirety. Now, if you were looking forward to another movie review (the third in the Gamera trilogy I was in the middle of) have no fear. It will be out this week. Until then, enjoy the adventured of “Captain Wolverine! Space Man!”

Bad Movie Studios: I’m gonna do that thing everyone does with YouTube and video games!

Yes, here is my entry into the “Let’s Play”. Well, that’s kind of a lie. Actually I got a new capture card and I wanted to try it out, so I thought I’d blow through Green Hill Zone in the OG Sonic game. So here’s some old fashioned 16bit “blast processing” goodness. Enjoy. For as long as YouTube let’s you…