Bad Movie Studios” Update “Halloween-A-Thon II: The Sequel”


Bad Movie Studios: Update

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather gets nice, the leaves start turning, and there’s never a better time to watch horror movies. Last year (before I was doing videos) I reviewed a bunch of films from the Halloween series. This year, Halloween-A-Thon makes a come back, only this time with a new theme and new format. For the month of October, I’ll be reviewing the movies that I love to watch during the Fall season, the films that really get me into the Halloween mood. So stay tuned as Halloween-A-Thon II: “The Sequel” starts on October first. I cant wait.

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Bad Movie Studios – Smash Bros. Demo Impressions


I’ve been super busy lately with college and it’s put some of my videos on hold, but I wanted to make something talking about the demo for Smash on the 3DS. The game’s been out for a week in Japan and will drop on store shelves in America on October 3rd, Friday after next. Since the demos out, I figured I’d give it a try and tell you all what I thought. This WOULD have been a video, but I’m just too busy right now to devote that amount of time, so instead we’re going old school and writing it out like I used to.

The demo allows gives you a handful of characters (Mario, Pikachu, Link, Mega Man and Animal Crossing person…) and allows you to battle it out in a standard free for all battle or with your friends in an online game. I haven’t tied that yet, but I’ve spent a bit of time with the offline mode. Fore the most part, it’s Smash. It feels like Smash, it plays like Smash, and it’s surprisingly intuitive on the handheld console. The controls were pretty quick to figure out, and if you’ve had any experience playing Smash Bros before, you’ll quickly find your grove and start kicking butt once again. the game shows off a few new, interesting, and really powerful weapons and power ups, some of which have to be seen to be believed. My favorite, the Pokeball, makes a return this go around, only this time it includes more Pokemon from the 6th generation. Also, there’s the Masterball, which I used to unleash Entei on my opponents. Good stuff.

I don’t really have that many criticisms of the game so far, A. because it’s only a demo and B. because it’s really just another Smash game, only now you can play on the go. Perhaps the only downside that I can find to the characters is that I’ve noticed their move sets have been tweaked for this release. For example, Link is no longer a combo machine, instead focusing on more heavy strikes. He still retains his arsenal of gadgets and items, but his overall play style is different. Also, characters “B” attacks have been changed. If you’re a veteran of the series you’ll know what I’m talking about. Mario now has a “B” move where he uses that hose contraption from Super Mario Sunshine. I couldn’t remember what move it took the place of, but I did notice that the older move was gone and was disappointed in seeing the stream of water shoot from Marios back. Long story short, there are differences in how characters play this go around, so you may have to spend some time getting used to the changes.

Overall, Smash Bros on the 3DS looks like it’s shaping up to be another solid entry into the series. I’m looking forward to it’s release and can’t wait to get my hands on Charizard (Don’t judge me, G1 for life!) Despite the characters tweaks, it feels just as solid as it did on consoles, so if you had any doubts on the handheld version of the game being a butchered port, don’t. It’s as solid as anything Smash has put out since the N64.

Bad Movie Studios – “Hulk Hogan’s daughter versus a FUCKING 2-HEADED SHARK!! DO YOU NEED MORE!? 2Headed Shark Attack (2012) Review


Is there anything more I need to say to get you to watch this movie than give you the damn title? I mean, 2-Headed Shark Attack. Now I don’t fucking curse that much on this shitty fucking website, so understand that when I fucking do it fucking means something. Check out this review, and check out the movie if you can. It’s on Netflix for the foreseeable future. The YouTube Link HERE and (the more reliable) Facebook Link HERE

Bad Movie Studios Review: “An ape steals a young woman because he loves her and it ISNT King Kong!?” Bride of the Gorilla (1951)

Bride of the Gorilla

I was sitting on this one for a while. Another video I’m not terribly happy with, but oh well. I’m getting to some good stuff soon. Anyway, since this is another public domain flick I provided the entire film for watching on my YouTube page (right HERE for your convenience) so if you’re curious then you can go ahead and check it out. Next was going to be another PD film, but I’m going to hold off on it for the next few months. Instead, I’m jumping into some shark movies. Summer’s coming to a close and I wanted to get back to doing a theme of reviews again, so that’s what I thought would be fun. But before I get ahead of myself, HERE’S the link to this review on YouTube, and HERE’S the Facebook page which is of course 1000% more reliable. Enjoy.