BMS Backyard Wrestling Commentary: Ep.3 – It’s Not a Hardcore Match Without LEGOs

How could the great American past time of RAZZLIN have endured with that most American favorite, LEGO’s! The competition is high in this match, and the the stakes even higher! Because one of these athletes will face the wrath, of THE LEGO. But seriously guys, there’s a fucking backyard wrestling match, that contains LEGO’s, how the fuck to you go about NOT watching that. Enjoy. And check out more on our FACEBOOK PAGE.


BMS Backyard Wrestling Commentary: Ep.2 – Mick Foley Needs to Sue Somebody

WHABAM! Episode 2. I’m trying to see how well this works as a feature on my channel. Yeah I’ll get back to my normal Film stuff soon, but I want to expand to some other stuff. I’ve got a lot of projects in the works at the moment. Scripting has begun for a short film that I’m trying to get into production, I’m working on a year end video for the channel, I’ve got a game video in the works as well, and I’m also writing a comic book. And not like a “I’m gonna draw on a pad and call it a comic book” but an actual comic book. It’s called “Go Hero” and if everything goes well it’ll get a release. Hopefully. But in the meantime, enjoy the all American mayhem that backyard razzlin can provide.

Backyard Wrestling Commentary Ep.1 – “Mongoloids in the Park”

So I decided to freshen things up over here at Bad Movie Studios and do a new video. As there is no greater American Pastime than backyard wrestling, we’ll be doing commentary on matches from all over the internet. The tradition, the passion, the shirtless pudgy athleticism, will be on display in these contests. So sit back, relax, and enjoy “Mongoloids in the Park”