Bad Movie Studios Update – Godzilla, Gamera and YouTube!

Bad Movie Studios Update – Godzilla, Gamera and YouTube!

I thought it was about time to do an update. I’m starting a new series of reviews that’s going to be entirely focused around the Godzilla and Gamera films. I’m really excited to be starting this. but what’s more, I’m also going to start making the reviews into videos as opposed to just text. It will start with the Godzilla/Gamera reviews and then afterwards I will translate my older reviews into videos. Bad Movie Studios has a YouTube page and you can check it out here
That’s where I will be posting the videos. I look forward to getting started.


Bad Movie Studios: Official Youtube Page

Bad Movie Studios: Official Youtube Page


The title says it all. This is my new YouTube page. Check it out. I’ll be uploading more content as soon as possible.

Bad Movie Studios Presents: The UnexpectedEvil of Dr. Baracula – Trailer

As the title says, this is the trailer for my first short film with Bad Movie Studios, Dr. Baracula. Please check it out as I’ve spent a lot of time making this thing. I hope you enjoy it and tune in when I bring Dr.Baracula to all those brave enough, or dumb enough, to watch it. And don’t forget to check out the Facebook page at

Bad Movie Studios: “Dr. Baracula” Film Update



Dr. Baracula” Film Update

By Bad Movie Studios



So I just wanted to write a short blurb about the movie. Well, the best I can say is, it’s coming. Filming has been fun, although production isn’t going quite as fast as I’d like. But that’s alright, something is better than nothing. So far what IS done and filmed has been edited and I like the way it’s coming out. It’s coming in bits and pieces, and that’s just making the process longer. On the bright side though, I get more time to make something good out of those edited pieces and increase my editing abilities. I have noticed though that I’m suffering from Creative Constipation. Basically, that’s like when you have an idea and start to pursue it but you all of a sudden get more idea that you cant do anything about yet. Yeah I have that. I;m not even done with this film and I’m already planning on other ones. That’s probably been the most difficult thing, staying the course and making sure I finish things. It’s also been hard to balance doing reviews for the website and filming time, as well as the issues that have come around with trying to film. Mother Nature hasn’t been as kind as I’d like. But I can’t blame it all on the weather, there’s been a definite hit on my enthusiasm. I’m keeping it up though, and hope to finish production soon. Then Post Production can starts and I can finish editing everything. I can’t wait for that because thankfully, I have stuff done already, so editing will just be a matter of putting the pieces together. So I guess the final thing for me to say, is that I can’t wait to finish my project and bring you “The Unexpected Evil of Dr. Baracula”. I’ve had more support than I ever thought I would for the film and it’s been a great learning experience so far. I look forward to releasing it, and hopefully giving everyone something that will entertain.


Bad Movie Studios: Halloween-A-Thon!


In honor of the upcoming holiday, I’m officially announcing Halloween-A-Thon for Bad Movie Studios! I will be doing films in the Halloween series. I already did the first one, so now I’m jumping ahead 5 films and getting to the one that killed the franchise, Part 6, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. But just to keep consistency, October is still Convention Crusher Month for me (a month where I try to break out of the norm and try something a little different with my material). I’ve done a Disney film, a fantasy film, 2 columns, a YouTube video, and even changed the format on 2 reviews. so what will make Halloween 6 special? Well, I wont be doing it alone. That’s right, I’m gonna have help sitting through this abomination and I’m gonna need it. So stay tuned for Bad Movie Studios’ Halloween-A-Thon!

Bad Movie Studios Video Review: Zombie Diaries (2006)

Bad Movie Studios Video Review: Zombie Diaries (2006)

The first YouTube video for Bad Movie Studios. Check it out on YouTube, and like the page on Facebook please

Bad Movie Studios: Thank You.


I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and for the likes that I’ve received. Working on my first film has been a great experience so far and doing reviews very rewarding. It’s awesome to know that some people actually give a crap about what I think. So thank you all very much, I will try to continue to entertain. When “Dr. Baracula” comes out, I hope you all get the chance to see it and get a laugh or two out of it.