BMS Movie Review: 20 Million Miles To Earth (1957)

What’s better than sci-fi, aliens, the 50’s, and Ray Harryhausen? Well a lot of things, but still! Check it out, hope you enjoy.


Bad Movie Studios: Halloween-A-Thon II – Sleepy Hollow (1999)

sleepy hollow title card

Well ladies and germs, Halloween is almost here, and that means that Halloween-A-Thon II is almost done. There’s only a couple of videos left until the finale next Friday. Then we’ll be moving on to bigger and better things. Until then, enjoy this little video. YOUTUBE LINK here and as always the FACEBOOK LINK.

Bad Movie studios: Halloween-A-Thon II – Frankenstein (1931)


Oh boy, I really liked hows this one came out. It was actually better than I thought it would be. There aren’t too too many videos left in Halloween-A-Thon until we get to the climax, but rest assured there’s going to be some fun stuff before it’s all said and done. So here’s the YOUTUBE link for the video. If you want something more reliable, or just somewhere to see more stuff, check out the FACEBOOK page. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Bad Movie Studios Update – Flappy Bird and Upcomming videos

Bad Movie Studios Update – Flappy Bird and Upcomming videos

So I haven’t posted any new content in like 2 weeks. I promise I’m working on it. So instead of just making an update saying that I was working on it, I thought I would include my take on a bit of video game news that’s come up. So I take some time to give my opinion on the Flappy Bird situation. If you don’t know what that is, the developer of this (in)famous game has taken the hugely successful game off the market for personal reasons. I give my opinions on it in the update. So please check it out, and I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter.

Mothra vs Godzilla (1964) – Bad Movie Studios Review

So, my dispute against YouTube for copyrighting my video went through. And now you can watch the video on youtube! I’m pretty happy about this. So check out the video and subscribe to the channel if you wold be so kind. It would mean a lot and it really helps out. Also, check out the facebook page (link in the description of the video)

Mothra vs Godzilla (1964) – Bad Movie Studios Review

Mothra vs Godzilla (1964) – Bad Movie Studios Review

Sorry for the poor audio quality in this one. I’m continuing to have problems with YouTube over Copyright claims on these videos so I’m going to post them straight to the Bad Movie Studios Facebook page. I will continue to make these videos no matter what so I hope people actually like them. If you can, give the Facebook page a like. It really helps out and I would appreciate it greatly. Next video will be out soon.

Bad Movie Studios Update – Godzilla, Gamera and YouTube!

Bad Movie Studios Update – Godzilla, Gamera and YouTube!

I thought it was about time to do an update. I’m starting a new series of reviews that’s going to be entirely focused around the Godzilla and Gamera films. I’m really excited to be starting this. but what’s more, I’m also going to start making the reviews into videos as opposed to just text. It will start with the Godzilla/Gamera reviews and then afterwards I will translate my older reviews into videos. Bad Movie Studios has a YouTube page and you can check it out here
That’s where I will be posting the videos. I look forward to getting started.