Best Worst Movie (2009) – Film Review & Troll 2 (1990) announcement.

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Best Worst Movie (2009) –  Short Film Review
Preview For: Troll 2

So this is the first time that I’m putting up a preview to a review as well as a nice short review of the documentary film Best Worst Movie. First off, I want to address that I’m going to keep doing my movie reviews like I’ve started doing. Only this time I’m going to try to be more consistent. I say try be cause not only will I be writing movie review, I will also be writing, shooting, and premiering my first short film, The Evil of  Dr. Baracula, at a party in my local town. So I’m gonna be a little bit busy. But hopefully I’ll keep a good pace and get a few good critiques out there. I know I don’t have a large fan base, if I have one at all, but hey, if you can’t do something for fun why do it at all. So that’s my most important update. What I’m gonna talk about now is my upcoming review of Troll 2 (1990) and give a couple of comments on the documentary about the film that I just watched. I’m already going against the grain from my usual set up here, because I always review my films as I watch them as to not miss anything that I want to talk about. But I literally just finished watching the movie and as a documentary there isn’t as much that I can talk about like I can with say Dracula (1931). And yes, that was a cheap plug for my last review so go check it out. Anyway, Best Worst Movie is a film directed by Michael Stephenson. Now what really makes this film interesting is that the director was actually IN Troll 2. Not only was he in the movie, but he was the lead role. Basically the film is about the former star of the film, who’s grown now, tracking down his old cast mates as they follow Troll 2 in screenings around the country, as the feature has gained cult status. As it turns out, the movie that has been heralded as “The Worst Movie Ever Made”, has quite the dedicated following. They show it being played at multiple theaters all across the country to packed houses of rabid fans. It’s a hell of a sight, I will say. The movie has a very human quality about it. Its kind of hard to explain. There’s just something about the way it;s put together that isn’t cold or feel like it’s putting down its subject material. No, that same sort of fervor and jubilee that’s expressed by the fans in this movie is the same one it was filmed with. It’s great. There’s really a sort of warm invitingness to this documentary. An attitude that says “Come on, be weird and enjoy the crap that you want to. And it’s okay because we all like it too”. I really like that. Honestly, the movie evoked genuine emotions of happiness in me and reminded me of the reasons I want to be a film maker. Because I love doing it and I love movies. I don’t care if I don’t make a single dime because of it, it’s just something that I have passion for. That’s what this film has. Passion. Passion from the fans. Passion from the filmmakers who worked on it. It’s a passion that’s infectious to those who are susceptible to such. It’s the kind of passion that you don’t see in the $1,000,000,000 budget, blood, guts, car chase, quintuple sequel movies of Hollywood. It’s the passion of the people that can enjoy the offerings of a very simple film that had almost no money, terrible actors, pathetic special effects, and a ludicrous plot. But it’s okay. Because that’s not what gives something true value. At least not in my opinion. What gives something like Troll 2 it’s real value, is the strangely high amount of joy that movie gives to people. I understand that I’m speaking very highly of both Troll 2 and Best Worst Movie, but there’s a real intrinsic value that I got from it. It was something that spoke very close to me and definitely hit home. So onto my final judgment. I know I didn’t really talk about the documentary from any sport of technical value. So I’ll try to give the unbiased opinion here. Best worst Movie really did get my interested into it’s source material. It did so very well I should add. It’s a lighthearted celebration of what I find to be a wonderful topic. It keeps you interested all the way through, which is good considering that it was 93 minutes. Not terribly long but just a tad longer than expected. I definitely recommend checking out Best Worst Movie, but at the same time I would more so say that movie and horror buffs should be the ones doing so. The average person might not get nearly the same reaction out of it that I did ant there will absolutely 100% be something lost in translation there. But I so think it’s a solid independent documentary, and if for nothing else, be watched for something that shines a light on the side of the film industry that we really don’t see very often, the human side. So if you can find Best Worst Movie, give it a watch, and be sure to check back for my review of Troll 2, The Worst Movie Ever Made. It should be coming out shortly.