BMS Wrestling Commentary – Ep.5: Greatest. Wrestler. Ever…

Since wrestling commentary videos have been all I’ve done on Bad Movie Studios for a little while, I feel that I should assure the 2 people on the planet that watch my stuff that movie review will be coming back, and soon. I’m really happy with the wrestling videos and how they’ve been coming out, it’s making me a little better at editing. But I know I started Bad Movie Studios to review movies, and make short films. So that’s what I’m going to get back to. Also returning will be gaming videos. I don’t know yet to what capacity but I will be reviewing games again as well as doing some let’s plays. We’ll see what happens with them or how that morphs but the point is, games WILL be back in 2015. The wrestling videos will continue as well so if you like them, don’t sweat. Anyway, check out this video of the single greatest rassler we here at Bad Movie Studios have ever seen, Rey the Destroyer. He gave us more than a few laughs.


Bad Movie Studios: “I like smashing things while on my toilet!” (Godzilla Domination for the GBA review)

Okay so FINALLY I made this video. It only took like, donkey’s ears worth of time to do it. But you know, all good right? Well anyway, enjoy. The editing in this one is a bit off but I’m happy with it none-the-less. I captured the footage for it off an emulator so I can’t say this is from the real thing. However I did own this game in the past and played it all the time. So as always, here’s the link for the Facebook Page – Where you can watch all of my stuff without fear of it getting Copyright Blocked *cough, YouTube, cough*. And here’s the YouTube link –

I think the next few will be a trilogy about a certain flying turtle…

Bad Movie Studios – Watch me pulla rabbit out of my hat (2 Reviews in a day!, Super Mario 3D Land)


Yes, I have another review video for you beautiful people. 2 in a day has to be some kind of record. A Pathetic record, but a record none-the-less. You can watch it on YouTube HERE as well as the other video I did today HERE. And of course check out the Facebook page for more stuff. And as always, thanks for watching (don’t sue me V-Sauce).

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) – A Bad Movie Studios Video Game Review

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) – A Bad Movie Studios Video Game Review

Sorry if the quality of this one is iffy, but here it is. My review of Smash Bros. I invested into a microphone around Christmas time and I’ve enjoyed having it, but I think I might need to invest in to a better one at some point because I’m not entirely fond of how I sound. And note to self, reading a per-written text when you;ve just woken up is foolish. Don;t do it again. Anyway I hope you enjoy it.