YouTube and I are, “friends”? …for now.

YouTube and I are, “friends”? …for now.

So, my iffy relationship with YouTube about videos seems to be doing alright at the moment. I uploaded this video just the other day here on the Facebook page, but I’m linking the YouTube upload in the hopes that you’ll check it out. So please do so. A Like or a Subscription will go a long way for me.


Bad Movie Studios Video Game Review: Super Mario Bros 3 (1988)


Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)

Developed by Nintendo Released for NES

A Bad Movie Studios Game Review

Right off the bat, I should say that this game was released in 1988 in Japan, but didn’t make it’s way to the states until 1990, and 1991 in Europe. As the name implies, this is obviously the third game in the Super Mario Bros series (not counting the Lost Levels). Some things that I feel are important to mention are that I haven’t played all of the Super Mario games, and that I’m not playing this on an NES console. Instead I’m “enjoying” this game on the Wii thanks to the Wii virtual console. I got it as a free download so I couldn’t pass it up. Although I haven’t played ALL of the Super Mario games, I have at least played one from each generation (and sometimes more than one), so I feel like I’ve had a decent grasp on the differences and the advancement in the series as they’ve gown on. With that said, let me get to the review.

Graphics: This game looks, okay. I know you can;t really expect something amazing from an 8-bit console, but I think the original Super Mario Bro’s, and even Mario Bros before that looked better than this game. It’s not that this game looks bad, not at all. For the NES this is actually a good looking game. It’s just that I really don’t like the aesthetics. The color pallet doesn’t please me, there’s a sort of dullness to what’s on screen. So really the graphics are hit and miss, it kind of depends on your own personal preference. (6.5)

Gameplay: Easily the most debatable element to this game. I am by no means a self admitted game expert, nor do I think that I’m really an AMAZING one at that. I do think that I’m above average in skill however, and I can safely say that this game, has ROYALLY KICKED MY ASS. This is one of the most difficult platformers that I have ever played, and not because the controls suck or anything. Honestly the game feels pretty good in your hands, even using the Wiimote (is that how you spell it?) as a surrogate NES controller. But the level design is just brutal sometimes. This game will absolutely beat you down on some levels, while others will be a breeze. Okay, it’s not really THAT hard, but seriously, there are some real tough, challenging levels. The good part is that this game is addictive. The bad part is that you end up getting addicted to getting your ass handed to you. So it, again, is another hit and miss experience. (7.5)

Sound Design: This game has some cool classic 8-bit sound effects, but what really stands out is the music. It’s good, damn good. It isn’t really out of the ordinary for a Mario game, but that’s not really a bad thing since the music is one of the things that Mario games are known for. I know this is a short section, but there really isn’t much more to say about this game from a sound perspective. It’s good. No complaints. (9)

Story: Same old thing that we’ve seen a billion-sillion-trillion-quadibllion times before. Bowser steals Peach, Mario saves her, got it. There is absolutely nothing new here and no real explanation more than that. Not that there really needs to be, but really Nintendo? Please? Something different for once would be wonderful. And with that personal pet peeve in mind, (5).

Overall Score – 7 out of 10

Final Thoughts: This is by far not the best Mario game there is, but I guess there will always be Mario Teaches Typing to fill in the space of the worst. I do like this game, but I have to say that Mario isn’t exactly my total cup of tea. I think the first in the “Super” series is really good, maybe the best. And that game shares space with Super Mario 64. I know those are the cliches that everyone puts on their list of best Mario games, but let’s face it, there’s a reason for that. Because they’re the best. Period. Well…to me. So I suppose if you have a Wii and can get this game for free like I did, check it out. If you actually have a Nintendo or a console that plays NES cartridges, you could pick it up for a few bucks on ebay. S I guess give this a play if you’re a Nintendo fan. If it’s not something you’ve prioritized to add to your library, then you can pass on it without missing anything really. Because chances are that you’ve already played the superior Super Mario Bros.