Bad Movie Studios: “I like smashing things while on my toilet!” (Godzilla Domination for the GBA review)

Okay so FINALLY I made this video. It only took like, donkey’s ears worth of time to do it. But you know, all good right? Well anyway, enjoy. The editing in this one is a bit off but I’m happy with it none-the-less. I captured the footage for it off an emulator so I can’t say this is from the real thing. However I did own this game in the past and played it all the time. So as always, here’s the link for the Facebook Page – Where you can watch all of my stuff without fear of it getting Copyright Blocked *cough, YouTube, cough*. And here’s the YouTube link –

I think the next few will be a trilogy about a certain flying turtle…


Bad Movie Studios – Resident Evil: Revelations (2012) Review!

Okay, it’s a day later than I promised, but you can watch my RE:R review right on the Facebook page Here or on YouTube Here Yeah I know I said I was gonna abandon the YouTube page, but screw it. I’ll just keep uploading my videos there for the sake of it. They might not stay there forever though (due to the BS copyright thing on YouTube) so if you want to watch my videos, the Facebook page will forever play host to them as well. Also, I know I never ask for it, but a Like, Share or Comment on anything you watch would be greatly appreciated. It’s always good to know what the people who watch my stuff think about it.


So, moving on from that, You can also watch my last review, Beast of the Bering Sea (2013) on YouTube as well. If you missed it before you can watch it Here. That you can also watch (along with every other video and written review I have done over on the Facebook page. I know I keep promoing the page but since that’s like my home base I kind of have to.


So what’s next? Well I’m not quite sure. I have a few extra days off from work this week, and I wont be going back until Wednesday it looks like. So I’ll shoot for my next video on Tuesday because I have other engagements until then. I’m not 100% certain on what the review will be, but I’m leaning towards another game review, this time Godzilla: Domination (2002) on the Game Boy Advanced. I just watched someone on YouTube by the name of GojiFan93 play it and it brought back memories. So that’s what you can probably look forward to.


Well other than that, I don’t particularly have much else to update on. I’m trying to maintain some ensemble of a schedule and release content as often as possible. so far so good, I’ve gotten 2 new videos out in the span of a week. Not too bad for having been gone for a while. Now the entire time that I’ve been writing this section, I’ve been trying to think of some sort of witty ending statement like I did last time (granted it wasn’t amazing but it was passable for a D level Monty Python sketch I assume). But since nothing is coming to me I will instead quote the multi-time NY Times best Selling Author, 3 time WWE Champion and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, as he quoted the renown Christmas figure and pop-culture icon Frosty the Snowman, by saying “I’ll say goodbye, but don’t you cry. I’ll be back again, some day.”

Bad Movie Studios Update – I Have A New Review! Oh, and there’s other stuff I wanna talk about.

First things first, if you go Here, you can see my latest review. This time it’s Beast of the Bering Sea (2013) Image

A Syfy made-for-tv movie that’s about as cheesy as it gets, I had a hard time getting footage for the review so it’s not as good as I’d like it to be but I still enjoyed doing it. Also, I thought I’d let you in on the next video I’ll be doing. It’s gonna be another video game review. This time it’s Resident Evil: Revelations (2012) for the Nintendo 3DS.


This one I do have footage for so hopefully it wont suck. I’m gonna try to get this one done sometime this week, perhaps Friday when I have off from work. I’m looking forward to doing it and I went back and edited my original work to spruce it up a bit. Make it all fancy.
Well that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say this time around. I hope you guys like the new video, and I’ll try to be back with another one Friday. Until then, “Live Long and Prosper”…oh god no. I hate Star Trek. Uhm…okay uhhh, how about, “Vaya Con Dios Castle”. No I don’t think anyone’s gonna get a reference to the 2004 Punisher movie with Thomas Jane. …Uhm, okay how about this, don’t die between now and Friday, watch my new video, and on Friday come back to watch my next video okay? That should be good enough.



So as you might have noticed by the title of this most eloquent update, I have been inactive for a few weeks now. Well, I make no excuses as to why. Frankly I’ve just been busy with other things and my Bad Movie Studios duties needed to take a back seat. So if you’re the single person on the planet that cares about my material, I’m sorry. Well, I’ve finally got a little free time on my hands so starting tomorrow I’m gonna begin work on some more videos and get them out ASAP. But there are a few new things that must be addressed, so I will get right to it:

  1. I am abandoning my Bad Movie Studios Youtube page until further notice. I’m still having problems over them copyrighting my videos and I just don’t feel like fighting them at the moment. I’m still going to make videos though no doubt, and you will be able to watch them at the Facebook page.
  2. I have a lot of things to get to as far as reviews and stuff goes, so my Godzilla/Gamera review marathon thing is going to be stopped…sort of. I’m still going to review the movies but I’m not going to focus on marathoning them as a series. It will happen, I promise, just in bits and pieces. This will allow me to get to more things that have been on back burners that I really need to get to.
  3. I’m still going to focus most of my efforts to the Facebook page, but I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback here onย  WordPress, so it’s going to be the definite second home to my material. I’m going to try to keep up with it as often as possible.

So that’s about it. Like I said, things have been really busy lately. I have a new job that’s soaked up weeks worth of my time and I’ve had some family engagements that have done the same (reunions and the like). But I am back and am going to try to really get some more stuff out there as regularly as possible. I haven’t gotten any complaints about my stuff not coming out, which either means people are being patient with me or they don’t know I exist and don’t remember if they did. Since the first scenario is the much more favorable affair, I will allow my delusions to flourish and say Thank You for being cool.ย  So I’ll be back, and next time it will be baring gifts of poorly edited, badly dubbed reviews of video games and movies that nobody will ever care about, just for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Bad Movie Studios Update – A ‘Smashing’ New video Coming Soon.

Bad Movie Studios Update – A ‘Smashing’ New video Coming Soon.

I did an update the other day, and in it I mentioned that there were some videos coming out. So here’s another one with some full disclosure on the next videos I’ll be releasing. And I promise, there is a mighty awful pun to be had with the title of this update ๐Ÿ˜‰