BMS Plays: Bulletstorm – Ep.7 “Skeletor’s Army”

Man, Captain Wolverine can’t shoot a damn thing in this video. Oh well. I actually recorded this weeks ago, I just have been lazy in uploading more Bulletstorm stuff. I have to record some more cause I’m all out of reserve. I want to finish the game before August ends and I should be able to. So here’s Ep. 7, “Skeletor’s Army”. Check out the Facebook page HERE


BMS Plays: Bulletstorm – Ep.6 “The Ballad of Waggleton P. Tallylicker”

Okay, first off, what in the bluest of blue HELLS has wordpress done to their New Post feature. This is nonsense. It was perfectly fine the old way. Now I have to learn the interface all over again. Thanks guys. Really -_-. Whatever, here’s the link to the latest episode (HERE). And here’s the link to the Facebook page so you can check it out, at always (HERE). I hope you enjoy. Now, I’m going to drown out my sorrows over the change on wordpress. Excuse me…