So as you might have noticed by the title of this most eloquent update, I have been inactive for a few weeks now. Well, I make no excuses as to why. Frankly I’ve just been busy with other things and my Bad Movie Studios duties needed to take a back seat. So if you’re the single person on the planet that cares about my material, I’m sorry. Well, I’ve finally got a little free time on my hands so starting tomorrow I’m gonna begin work on some more videos and get them out ASAP. But there are a few new things that must be addressed, so I will get right to it:

  1. I am abandoning my Bad Movie Studios Youtube page until further notice. I’m still having problems over them copyrighting my videos and I just don’t feel like fighting them at the moment. I’m still going to make videos though no doubt, and you will be able to watch them at the Facebook page.
  2. I have a lot of things to get to as far as reviews and stuff goes, so my Godzilla/Gamera review marathon thing is going to be stopped…sort of. I’m still going to review the movies but I’m not going to focus on marathoning them as a series. It will happen, I promise, just in bits and pieces. This will allow me to get to more things that have been on back burners that I really need to get to.
  3. I’m still going to focus most of my efforts to the Facebook page, but I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback here on  WordPress, so it’s going to be the definite second home to my material. I’m going to try to keep up with it as often as possible.

So that’s about it. Like I said, things have been really busy lately. I have a new job that’s soaked up weeks worth of my time and I’ve had some family engagements that have done the same (reunions and the like). But I am back and am going to try to really get some more stuff out there as regularly as possible. I haven’t gotten any complaints about my stuff not coming out, which either means people are being patient with me or they don’t know I exist and don’t remember if they did. Since the first scenario is the much more favorable affair, I will allow my delusions to flourish and say Thank You for being cool.  So I’ll be back, and next time it will be baring gifts of poorly edited, badly dubbed reviews of video games and movies that nobody will ever care about, just for you 🙂