Bad Movie Studios Review: “The Master of Crap’s masterfuly…okay film that I hapen to like” A Bucket of Blood (1959)

Bucket of blood

So, it’s a day late but hey, it came out. And that’s what matters right? So check this out, not only do you get this wonderful review to look forward to, but since this film is in the Public Domain, I provided the film IN IT’S ENTIRETY right on the YouTube channel for your enjoyment. So have fun watching this nonsense. YouTube Link HERE, Facebook Link HERE.


Upcoming Pokemon Fighting game? Hell yes!

I dont usually post things like this, but when I saw the trailer I couldnt help it. If you’re one of the people who grew up on pokemon like I did, this is absolutely awesome. Just think, you can finally have a game where punching pikachu in the face is the objective! Amazing. In other news, I have a new video in the works and it’s being edited now. It’s gonna take longer than usual because it’s a larger video file, but none the less will be out soon, I’m shooting by Thursday. Until then, enjoy this cool trailer.

Bad Movie Studios Review: “Totally not Jaws…” Frankenfish (2004)


I’m not terribly happy with this video, but what the hell, It’s better to release one then not…I guess. Anywho, I’ll set the links to watch it down below. I know in my last post I said no more giant monster movies, but I feel safe doing this flick. It’s American for one, and the monster in it, while large, is by no means giant. So I guess it’s cool. I wanna get back to doing some different horror movies, so I’m going to be doing pieces on some older Public Domain films next, then I think it will be time for a new theme set of reviews. I’m thinking something with teeth. So enjoy Frankenfish and stay tuned.
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Facebook LINK (More Reliable)

Bad Movie Studios Review – War of the Gargantuas (1966)


I was looking forward to getting this review out for a while. I’ve been doing a lot of giant monster movies lately (apart from current flicks like Transformers and Guardians of the Galaxy). And as much as I love these films, I think it’s time I take a break away from city crushing atomic monsters and get back to what I intended Bad Movie Studios to be about, bad horror movies. So expect War of the Gargantuas to be the last giant monster movie from me for a little while. Anyway, here’s the link to watch it on YouTube (Right Here) and of course check out the Face book page for a more reliable link, as well as my other stuff (Right Here). Enjoy.

Bad Movie Studios Review – Rodan (1956)

My latest review! Feel free to watch it on YouTube HERE or on Facebok (more reliable) HERE. I hope you enjoy. Onto some other news, another of my videos got blocked worldwide on YouTube, this time it was the Triforce of Mediocrity


If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on the Facebook page. It’s an experimental attempt at something new and I enjoyed doing it. YouTube on the other hand doesn’t want you to see it. I filed a dispute claim sighting “comment and criticism” as they are protected under fair use law. We’ll see how it goes. But nonetheless, should the YouTube page be taken down, understand that I will continue to make videos. They will go straight to the Facebook page for all 2 of you to watch. Anyway, go check out my stuff and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Bad Movie Studios Review: “Defenders of the….Saviors of….Space Avengers of the…Who are these guys agian?” Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

My latest attempt at sharing my opinion of films to the masses (and I use that term loosely), here’s my review of Guardians of the Galaxy. I kind of whipped it together fast so it may not be the best but OH WELL. I will not be ashamed of it nonetheless. So go right ahead and enjoy it. Check out the Facebook page (right HERE for your convenience) to see my other stuff. It’s more reliable than YouTube.

Bad Movie Studios: Triforce of Mediocrity 3 Film Review – Jobs (2013), The Purge Anarchy (2014) & Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014

This was a bitch to edit let me tell you. Well I couldn’t wait to get this one out since it was something new to try. I like the format ant I think I’ll do it again in the future, hopefully it’s easier to edit then. Anyway, heres theĀ FACEBOOK link like always. It’s more reliable and just for shits and giggles, check out the facebook page anyway. Enjoy.